Artwork, Infotainment & Music

Here you can see a small selection of my Paintings and sculptures.

If you are interested in buying a Art piece, plese to contact me for avalebility and prices via the contact formular.

“It Figures”

is a  series Of portraits made with Oil paint on canvas. The symbols & geometric shapes that surrounds the figures, has a specific meaning and imply that we all are unconsiously influenzed by various symbols around us.

“Gratitude Creatures”

Is a series of Abstract relief-like paintings made from mixed media. The texture is made from malculated special paper on witch Emil daily for 3 years has written down thoughts of gratitude. (this is a small selection of these paintings)

“Faces Of The Earth”

is a on going series of portraits of people from Indigeneous cultures and subcultures from around the world. Some of the portraits are of people that Emil has met during his Mindmachine travels.


Is a series of sculptures where a wine bottle is used as the torso and the faces and lims are made from mixed materials. The Bottle symbolizes all the things that we have in commen as people and the figures on the outside symbolizes our personal unicness.