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Music, Heart and Mind from the oldest city in Europe.

A road trip into Transsylvanina with artist talks from local musicians plus secret interview with a Nun from the Monastery in Hurezu.


The Opening day of Mindmachine Atelier & Art Gallery

Art performance from the opening of the Exhibition¬† “Out Of Darkness” In Mindmachine Atelier & Art Gallery(you can turn on Subtitles in various languages)


“She Makes Me cry” music video with the band Etonne Music Group

“America” Music Video from the band Etonne Music Group


When you donate here, your money is going directly to help making more travel documenteries about Music & Art from indigeneous cultures and subcultures around the world.

The world are loosing cultural diversity faster than ever before.
We are loosing 2 languages every month and with that also the culture around it.

my mission with my Mindmachine travel documetaries is showing cultural imprints, live performances and deep interviews with painters, musicians, dancers, ritual performers ect. from these old cultures of our world.

there’s a pressing importance for these people to get acknowledgement for there cultures.

I help with that acknowledgement, by telling there stories and thoughts.

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