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About Emil

Composer, Singer, Guitarplayer,  Art painter, Sculpturer, Poet & Documenterist.

The Artist

Emil Tonne Staal, hailing from Elsinore, Denmark, grew up in a working-class household, where he learned the art of craftsmanship from his shipbuilder father. Gifted an old guitar on his 14th birthday, Emil’s journey into music began. Mastering the instrument swiftly, he formed his band within a year, captivating audiences at various events and parties.

Moving to Copenhagen, Emil immersed himself in the capital’s music scene, performing over a 2000 concerts across Europe and even venturing as far as East Africa and Mexico. However, in 2004, he returned to Denmark after a year-long musical venture in Spain, where he discovered a newfound passion for painting and sculpting.

Choosing an unconventional path, Emil delved into art without formal training, drawing inspiration from renowned masters and his own experiences. His artistry encompasses music, poetry, performance art, installations, sculptures, and paintings, reflecting his boundless creativity and exploration.

Emil’s Artwork is imbued with symbolism and mystery, inspired by his deep interest in intercultural communication and spirituality. From Mexican sweat lodges to encounters with Apache Medicine teachings, his artistry transcends boundaries, captivating audiences worldwide.

Emil Tonne’s art is inspired and captured from his deep interest in intercultural communication and in people’s different spiritual perceptions and cultures around the globe, as well as our interaction with nature and animals.

He has worked with art in many forms, from music and poetry, over performance art and installations, to sculptures and paintings and he has a Range in his Art that is rare and ever expanding. Emil is driven by a tireless desire to explore his inner self and the world he experiences around him and on his many travels. Then Emil translates the many emotions and impressions, into stories and expressions through color and form.

Emil Tonne has on several occasions exhibited at galleries in Mexico and participated in art festivals and in TV and radio shows in several places in Mexico.

Various respected galleries in Denmark has exhibited Emil’s Art and in 2022 Emil was part of a big international exhibition at the presticious Palazzio Bembo in Venice Italy.

In 2021 Emil  started to work on the Mindmachine project where he combines his great passion for Music and Art with his profound curiousity for esoteric knowlegeds and intercultural communication.

About Mindmachine Youtube channel

Mindmachine  is a captivating Youtube channel that seamlessly intertwines live music & Art, with insightful interviews and thought-provoking discussions centered around music, art, and spirituality, drawing inspiration from diverse cultures and subcultures worldwide.

Mindmachine bring together musicians, artists, and spiritual practitioners to delve into the depths of the mind, exploring its intricate connections with music and art. Hosted by the enigmatic “Mr. Mindmachine” portrayed by the talented musician and artist, Emil Tonne Staal, our podcasts offer a unique glimpse into the minds of creative individuals.

Our mission is to offer audiences a multifaceted perspective on art and music, enriching their experience with profound insights and perspectives. We aspire to embark on a journey across the globe, recording podcasts with musicians and spiritual practitioners from indigenous communities to modern subcultures.

On the Mindmachine channel you can also find Live versions of Emil’s own music and art work.

The Art work will mainly be Emil’s ”Cultural portraits”. These portraits are Are part of the mindmachine Travels and is painted portraits of people emil meet on his Mindmachine travels. (some of portraits are avalible as posters or as prints on T-shirts and Hoodies in the shop)

Each podcast episode will be available on our YouTube channel, “Mindmachine,” and here on this Website, serving as a platform for firsthand knowledge and experiences shared by artists and spiritual practitioners worldwide.

But why embark on this endeavor?

In an increasingly interconnected world, indigenous cultures and ancient traditions are rapidly fading away, overshadowed by the homogenizing influence of mainstream media and social platforms. The proliferation of mobile technology has accelerated this cultural shift, blurring the lines between diverse cultures and leading to a pervasive cultural uniformity.

The Mindmachine project seeks to preserve the rich tapestry of cultural diversity by capturing and celebrating the unique imprints, stories, and music of various cultures worldwide. Through entertaining and insightful content, we aim to spark reflection and appreciation for cultural pluralism.

By shedding light on the challenges posed by cultural centralism, we hope to inspire dialogue and promote a deeper understanding of the importance of cultural diversity in shaping our collective future.