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Opening event Art exhibit "Out Of Darkness"

April 20, 2024

Opening of Mindmachine Atelier & Art Gallery
In a time characterized by conflict, environmental challenges and increasing mental health problems, the world faces a deep and challenging darkness, as well as increased concern about how the future will unfold.
It is in this context that Mindmachine Atelier & Art Gallery is proud to present the thought-provoking art exhibition "Out Of Darkness". The exhibition raises the question of the transformative power of light in a world that seems shrouded in shadows. At a time when many feel trapped by the "Darkness", the exhibition serves as a symbol of hope and a reminder that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. Are we as humans created to accommodate the duality of looking both from the light into the darkness and at the light from within the darkness?Artist and Gallery owner Emil Tonne, through this opening exhibition, seeks to challenge conventional perspectives and present alternative ways of viewing darkness.

The Artists:
Painting: John Bonnesen Wulff (Denmark)
Painting:Yuliya Gurskaya (Ukraine)
Painting, sculpture and documentary film: Emil Tonne (Denmark)
Poem Wall :S. Staal (Denmark)
Program for the opening day:
18:00: The exhibition opens
18:30: Opening speech and Artist talk
19:00: Art Performance
20:00: World premiere of Mindmachine Traveldocs. Episode 2 from Transylvania.
This section contains, among other things, a secret interview with a nun from the Hurezu monastery in Romania, as well as first-hand accounts of folk music culture during the dark times of Nicolae Ceaușescu's dictatorship and up to now.
Episode 1 from Bulgaria can be seen here: Music, Mind and Heart in Europe's Oldest city - YouTube

Come and join us in celebrating the opening of this new 200m2 Gallery in Odense, with its rustic New York atmosphere.
Wine and snacks will be served while you walk around and experience the exciting opening exhibition. The exhibition lasts until 12/5

Mindmachine Atelier & Art Gallery
Buchwaldsgade 51C 1 sal
Odense C, 5000

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